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The i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training Program is a 4-month long program, over 24 Sessions divided into 6-Weeks of i-FAStTRAC 101 and 6-Weeks of i-FAStTRAC 201. Each Session is 3 hours long.  Sessions start promptly at 1pm EST and ends at 4pm.

i-FAStTRAC® 2020 Program
Details and Syllabus

As the Internet evolves so does the i-FAStTRAC® Real Estate Training & Coaching Program.

In 2018, Kevin Ahearn and Key Yessaad will introduce an All- New
i-FAStTRAC® Training Calendar Format to help participants more easily focus on, and benefit from, the two distinct, yet interrelated topics, addressed by Kevin and Key. In addition, Kevin and Key have added New Content to remain on the cutting-edge of what is most relevant to brokers and agents in today’s market.

For a more detailed description of i-FAStTRAC® Training Sessions… and the dates & times of each session, please consult the Training Calendar on the Home Page of our website: (Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time!)


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Download a PDF of our complete Course Syllabus

     i-FAStTRAC 101- Program Syllabus

(All 101 Sessions were designed to be ‘STAND-ALONE’ Sessions and can be trained independent of each other allowing agents to start at any point in the Training Cycle!

Target Audience New, Aspiring, and Underachieving Agents.

Kevin Ahearn


iF-101 #1: Kevin: Structuring & Growing A Viable Real Estate Business

  • Understanding Real Estate As An
  • Goal Setting Tools & Techniques
  • Daily, Weekly and Annual Planning

iF-101 #2 Kevin: Time Management

  • How To’ Structure An Effective Time 
         Management Plan
  • The Four ‘Kinds’ Of Time
  • The Four (4) Quadrants of Real Estate Time
  • Time Management Tools & Techniques

iF-101 #3 Kevin: Part 1- Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • Easy/Effective Script Building
  • Warm Canvassing Techniques
  • Promoting and Hosting Open Houses
  • Farming and Target Marketing Strategies

iF-101 #4 Kevin: Part 2:
Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work For Sale By Owners        (FSBOs)
  • ‘How To’ Expedite Just Listed/Just Sold 

iF-101 #5 Kevin: Part 3:
Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work Expired Listings
  • ‘How To’ Build and Grow A Referral-Based         Business

iF-101 #6 Kevin: Working With Buyers
  • Buyer ‘Pre-Screening’
  • Buyer Evaluation and Qualification
  • Buyer Counseling Process
  • Buyer Counseling Session
  • Buyer Tools


iF-101 #7 Kevin: Part 1

Working With Sellers
  • Four (4) Phases Of A Marketing (Listing)  
  • Marketing Presentation: Phases 1 and 2

iF-101 #8 Kevin: Part 2
Working With Sellers
  • Marketing Presentation: Phases 3 and 4
  • The Highly Effective ‘Upgrade’ Marketing
    (Listing) Presentation

iF-101 #9 Kevin: Part 3
Working With Sellers
  • ‘How To’ Control The Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategies Tools and Techniques

iF-101 #10 Kevin: Objection Handling
  • Distinguishing Conditions, Stalls and Real 

  • Seven (7) Step Techniques For Handling
         Stalls and Real Objections
  • Objection Handling Scripts and Visuals

iF-101 #11 Kevin: Professional Closing Strategies & Techniques
  • Distinguishing ‘Trial’ Closes Versus
    Final’ Closes
  • Four (4) Highly Effective/Easily Mastered
          ‘Final’ Closes
  • 10 Additional ‘Final’ Closing Techniques

IF-101 #12 Kevin: Presenting Offers and Effective Negotiating
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Negotiate
  • High Risk And Low Risk Negotiation Tactics
  • Highly Effective Problem-Solving Phases


    i-FAStTRAC 201- Program Syllabus


Target Audience Graduates, Mid-Level Producers, and Top Producing Agents.

Key Yessaad

iF-201 #1 Key:  The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing in Real Estate

  • Understanding Inbound Marketing and The

  • The Psychology of Buyers and Sellers when
         using Search Engines;
  • How to Build an Internet Profile Signature?

iF-201 #2 Key:  Web Crawlers, Indexing, and The Role of Search Marketing
  • Understanding the Language of the Internet
          – HTML;

  • What is the Role of Internet Spiders in
         Crawling the Web?
  • How to extract Keywords for your Real Estate
  • What are the Fundamentals of Search Engine
         Optimization (SEO)?

iF-201 #3 Key:  Internet Marketing Bio, Visibility, and Inbound Validation
  • How do you build your name and expertise         online?
  • What are the main ingredients of a Proper
         Internet Bio?
  • What are the Channels of Visibility and

iF-201 #4 Key:  Real Estate Web Platforms, Tools, and Web Marketing
  • What are the various types of Website
         Platforms for Real Estate?

  • What are the ingredients of Hands’ On
  • How to use Lead Generation Websites?
  • How do you put together proper Hyperlinks
         using anchor text?

iF-201 #5 Key:  Lead Management Systems & Successful Leads Conversion
  • How do Lead Management Systems (LMS)

  • How do Lead Management Websites utilize
         PPC Campaigns?
  • What are the Habits. Scripts, and Follow Up
         Systems to convert Leads?

iF-201 #6 Key:   Email Marketing, Email Scripts, and Weekly Success Habits
  • How do you Build a proper Database of Real
         Estate Clients?
  • What the Proper Emails and the Frequency
         that create the highest conversion?
  • How do you build Weekly Success Habits as
         an Entrepreneur?

iF-201 #7 Key:  Landing Pages for Lead Conversion and Local Markets

  • What are the proper Landing Pages in Real
         Estate Websites?

  • What makes a Webpage on the internet
  • How do you carve a Local Market with
         proper Navigation?

iF-201 #8 Key: Real Estate Blogging for Long Term SEO Visibility

  • What is Blog Marketing and How can agents
         use it properly?

  • How do blogs affect SEO and Keywords
  • What are the Topics and steps to blogging for
         Real Estate Agents?
  • What are Blog Tags, Categories, and How to
         use them properly?

iF-201 #9 Key: Direct Response Marketing & Real Estate Internet Farming

  • How to Integrate your Postcards, Newsletters,
         Mailers with Web Pages?

  • What are the Good Hooks that lead to
  • What are Squeeze Pages and How to build
         them to Generate Leads?

iF-201 #10 Key: Social Media Postings for Lead Generation and Validation

  • What is the proper mindset to engage future
         clients on Social Media?

  • What are the post habits that Agents need to
  • How do agents mix and match the various
         Social Platforms?
  • How do agents become Business Strategists
         not just order-takers?

iF-201 #11 Key: Real Estate Video Marketing and Narration Visualization

  • How to embrace Video Marketing by
         learning the fundamentals?

  • Best Video Topics and Platforms to use in
         Real Estate?
  • How to extract and embed Videos within
         your Web Pages?

iF-201 #12 Key: Build Your Own Real Estate Lead Generation System

  • What are Pay per Clicks Campaigns and
         how to start one?
  • How to create Ads, select keywords, and
         the proper Landing Pages?
  • What Budget, frequency, and locations
         should agents and brokers target?


Important Copyright Notices ©1998-2017: The enclosed files, ideas, and videos are for the personal use of our paying i-FAStTRAC Brokers and their participating Agents. The information in this website, as well as the content delivered orally and in writing during all of our training sessions, are copyrighted and may not be shared, copied, reproduced, distributed, emailed, or played at any event or gathering without the expressed permission of the Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. and Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC. Unauthorized duplication of this program, book, handouts, or outline is illegal under international copyright law. No part of this Real Estate Training Program designed by Key Yessaad and Kevin Ahearn, may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into another language in any form, by any means, without the written permission of the Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. and Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC. Please Respect all Copyrights. Your dedicated Real Estate Trainers Kevin Ahearn and Key Yessaad.