Announcing the 2 in 1 Program i-FAStTRAC 101 and 201 Real Estate Training

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Kevin Ahearn and I, Key Yessaad, are very pleased to announce the ‘2 in 1’ Real Estate Training Program launching August 12th – The i-FAStTRAC 101 and i-FAStTRAC 201. These 2 Real Estate Training Programs were designed for two audiences; The New, Aspiring, and those so who are somewhat underachieving in their career (i-FAStTRAC 101); and the Advanced and Established Real Estate Agent who earned commission of more than $40K per year (i-FAStTRAC 201.) Each program is 6-Weeks Long with 24 hours of Live instructions per month – the two programs combined spread over a 12-Week period with a total of 72 hours of Live Training and Coaching.



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Here is a Video that will give you a sense of our commitment and the value of the training program we wish to bring to your Real Estate Agents. We also provide you with a full Syllabus of the the two programs; as well as ask you to visit our Calendar Section for dates; times and details. We tend to train on alternate weeks Mondays through Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm Eastern. All of our Trainings are Live and supported with handouts and an extensive Library of How-To Videos.


It is very important that Brokers and Agents do not confuse the title of i-FAStTRAC 101 as being a basic course – it is in fact a 6-Week Fundamental Course that tackles very important foundational Real Estate Concepts that many advanced agents have appreciated. The 101 Syllabus covers topics such as Real Estate Sales Psychology; Computing and Tablets; Smartphones for Real Estate; Time Management; Inbound Marketing; Strategic Open Houses; The Psychology of Search Engines; Target Marketing Farming; Web Crawlers; FSBO Selling Strategies; Internet Channels of Visibility; Lead Generation Tools; Internet Marketing Bios; Integrated Just Listed/Just Sold Promotions; Expired Listings Strategies; Web Services Platforms; Referral Business Solutions; Lead Management and Capture; Strategic Hyperlinks; Lead Conversion Success; etc.


The i-FAStTRAC 201 Syllabus will reveal advanced topics that push the established Real Estate Agents to grow their inventory of Listings using Prospecting Strategies and focusing and high return Strategies. Some of the topics will cover are: Success Transition; Blogging for Listings; Internet Super-Pages and Tags; Buyer Counseling; Advanced Meta Tags; Listing and Marketing Presentations; Internet Landing Pages; Carving and Web Navigation; Marketing Listing Demonstration; Direct Response Marketing; The Listing Closing Process; Squeeze Pages; Pricing Strategies; QR Code implementation; Blogging Internally for Traffic; Proper CMA Presentation; Internet Listings Strategies; Backlinks with Blogging; Social Media and Bookmarking; Professional Negotiation; Closing Techniques; etc.


Kevin and I look forward to seeing you in Class – Happy Prospecting!




Key Yessaad (@zenkey), Real Estate Internet Trainer – Key is a Real Estate SEO Trainer and Internet Strategist focused on working with Real Estate Professionals and their Brokers to thrive using Internet Marketing. Key and Kevin Ahearn (@LiveInterActiv) started an intensive Real Estate Training Program in 2012 called i-FAStTRAC, with over 75 hours of course material, of which 60 hours are Live – they are interactive with point to point Live Video Feeds. The Program delves into the fundamentals of building your Real Estate Business, Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Internet Marketing with Advanced SEO Learning. Follow us on Twitter: #LiveTrainingRE or Google+: #LiveTrainingRE

i-FastTrac Overview and our NEW website!!

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Hello Again!

 Just wanted to give an update of yesterday's i-FastTrac Overview Session! Kevin and Key had a wonderful time going over all of the new exciting changes happening with the Live/Interactive System and the training in 2013! One of the many exciting changes that will be occurring is the official launch of our new website

This newly designed 'Interactive' Website has so many cool features!

 First and foremost, our users and subscribers will have the ability of creating their own personal profiles via this site and connecting with others that utilize the Live/Interactive Training System! Secondly, all of our training manuals and training assignments will be fully downloadable via the website without any additional fee! How cool is that?! For any of our current subscribers, you know all too well how training manuals previously had to be purchased separately (as an additional fee to the office) and then had to be shipped and you were responsible for the shipping fee as well. That is not the case any longer my friends! This change alone will be saving your company upwards of $50+ for every training manual you would have had to otherwise purchase before!

 Also, yesterday Key mentioned the addition of a QR code and/or link on our website that you can use to get more information about our system and i-FastTrac Training! The QR code is located on the homepage of

or you can enter the URL: and be taken directly to our inquiry form!

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me @ 407-331-5738 or go to the above URL link to fill in our i-FastTrac Inquiry form!

 Until next time…..have a wonderful and productive weekend/week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Kasey Ahearn
Director, Program Management
Live/Interactive Training System
Real Estate Training Institute, Inc.


Next i-FastTrac Overveiw Session, Thursday, Nov 15, 2012!

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Happy Friday Everyone!


Just wanted to say that our first i-FastTrac Program Overview yesterday was a success! Thank you to all Brokers, Regional Owners and Office Managers who attended! We had such a wonderful time sharing with you the exciting new things we have to offer in 2013! And a special thanks to Mrs. Cheryl Garcia for your kind words yesterday! We are just as excited as you are to have Kevin C. Ahearn and Key Yessaad team up to bring you and your agents this wonderful new i-FastTrac Program. We truly feel that we are now able to offer all Brokers and Agents the best of both worlds in terms of not only providing a fully Integrated Real Estate Sales and Internet Marketing Training Program but also the two Award Winning Trainers presenting that information! So very exciting!


For those of you who missed the LIVE session yesterday have no fear…. I just got the word that we will be doing another i-FastTrac Program Overview session next Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 2:00 P.M. (Eastern). And please know this is not a training session! It is simply an opportunity for you to speak directly with Kevin C. Ahearn and Key Yessaad about our new fully integrated i-FastTrac Program beginning in 2013! If you are a current subscriber to our system, join us to find out how you can convert your current training contract into an i-FastTrac contract and end up saving $$$ each month! You will also learn about our new website and the wonderful new things your agents can access via this website starting in January 2013!


If you are not familiar with our Live/Interactive Training System and our NEW i-FastTrac Program, come and pick Kevin and Key’s brains and find out what we have to offer your office in terms of Fundamental Real Estate Business Development Training AND Principles of Internet Marketing and Social Media SEO Training. All of this information is available to you by simply joining our LIVE/Interactive session via our system next Thursday, November 15, 2012.


You have nothing to lose by sitting in on this session….but everything to gain for your office and your agents!


To join next week simply click on this link:


And Enter Your Password: LIVE2013 (case sensitive)


See you next week! :D


Kasey Ahearn
Director, Program Management
Live/Interactive Training System
Real Estate Training Institute, Inc.


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Hello Everyone!!


This is Kasey Ahearn here, Program Director, of our Live/Interactive Training System and our new i-FastTrac Training Program! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself to all the Real Estate Brokers and Regional Owners out there! If you ever have any questions for me about our system or programs...I am always here to help! I've had the pleasure of working for the Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. and aid in delivering Live/Interactive Real Estate Sales Training to offices located throughout the United States and Canada for the past 8 years! Again, I’m here to help you and would love to speak to you at any time!


Most importantly today, I wanted to let you know that as a BROKER or REGIONAL OWNER YOU ARE INVITED to a Program Overview Session to be held this Thursday, November 8, 2012 from 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Eastern) via our Live/Interactive Training System!! This LIVE session will showcase our NEW i-FastTrac Training Program!


i-FastTrac is set to launch in January 2013 and is a fully integrated program covering both the Fundamentals of Real Estate Business Development and the Principles of Internet Marketing and Social Media SEO….a recipe for success in the Real Estate Business!


Take this opportunity to learn about i-FastTrac from the trainers themselves! You will be able to speak directly to Kevin C. Ahearn and Key Yessaad, and learn what i-FastTrac has to offer your office and all of your agents….at one low monthly fee! Again, everything you need to know about i-FastTrac and our Live/Interactive Training is available to you this Thursday @ 4:00 P.M. (Eastern) via our system!


To Join Simply click on this link:


And Enter Your Password: LIVE2013


Participating is that simple! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday! :D


Kasey Ahearn
Program Director, Live/Interactive Training System
Real Estate Training Institute, Inc.