Green. THE Primary Color For Real Estate Agents!

Posted by Kevin Ahearn on September 13, 2013 at 9:45 PM

In my most recent blog, I introduced the four (4) kinds of time and colorized each. ‘Green Time’ for real estate agents is ‘Money Time’… the use of their time that earns them a living. As agents, we must always remind ourselves that we work on commission and ”We don’t get paid for the work we do… we only get paid for the results we produce!”


As I emphasize over and over in i-FAStTRAC® Training, the single most important ‘Green Time’ activity for an agent at any level of production is: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation. When done correctly and consistently, it ensures a steady-flow of ‘Green’.


Other examples of ‘Green Time’ activities include: showing properties to a highly motivated, financially qualified buyer; giving a well-sequenced marketing (listing) presentation to a highly motived seller; and securing & presenting offers from qualified buyers and presenting those offers to motivated sellers.


Keep this in mind: In the examples I have given, the italicized adjectives describing each activity are as important as the activity per se. If you find yourself, for example, showing property to an unmotivated prospective buyer that’s not ‘Green Time’…that’s a waste of time!


For agents to be consistently productive, at least 20%, and preferably closer to 40%, of their daily activities must be ‘Green Time’ activities. Plan your days and week around legitimate ‘Green Time’ activities!

Footnote! Attending a Closing is not ‘Green Time’…it’s ‘Collection Time’… you’ve already earned the green and are going to the Closing to collect it!


Kevin Ahearn,, Real Estate Trainer – Kevin is a Real Estate Trainer and Coach with over 35 years of experience, focused on working with Real Estate Professionals and their Brokers to increase their productivity through prospecting. Kevin and Key Yessaad (@LiveInterActiv) started an intensive Real Estate Training Program in 2012 called i-FAStTRAC, with over 75 hours of course material, of which 60 hours are Live – they are interactive with point to point Live Video Feeds. The Program delves into the fundamentals of building your Real Estate Business, Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Internet Marketing with Advanced SEO Learning. Follow us on Twitter:" target="_blank">#LiveTrainingRE or Google+: #LiveTrainingRE 407-331-5738



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