What Is 'Blue Time' In Real Estate?

Posted by Kevin Ahearn on September 28, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Any activity an agent undertakes that directly supports a marketable listing they have, a qualified buyer they are working with or a transaction-in-process in which they are involved can be considered a ‘Blue Time’ activity in real estate.

How important are ‘Blue Time’ activities? Second in importance behind ‘Green Time’ activities. But, be careful!

As you become more and more productive, your week which was once a sea of ‘Green’ can quickly turn to ‘Blue’. Your must learn how to control your legitimate ‘Blue Time’ activities to protect your income. Good awareness, habits, discipline and training, like i-FAStTRAC®, can help!

The best way to control ‘Blue Time’ activities is time-blocking!

When planning your day, and your week, try and schedule ‘Blue Time’ activities, also know as ‘Support Time’ activities, at the front-end, or the back-end, of the day whenever possible. This habit will free-up more of your ‘Real Estate Prime Time’ (9 A.M. – 7 P.M.) to concentrate on the ‘Green Time’ activities which make you a living.

Examples of ‘Blue Time’ activities include: writing an ad for your new listing, placing a lawn sign on a listing, creating a flyer for your upcoming Open House, doing a Competitive Market Analysis for an upcoming Marketing (Listing) Presentation; and follow-up calls to existing clients and customers.

All of these ‘Support Time’ activities are important because they are service-related. BUT…do not allow them to define your day or your week! If your don’t control ‘Blue Time’ activities it will cost you and you will see your productivity plateau very quickly.

Remember: Real estate is first and foremost a business of marketing, secondarily a business of selling and thirdly a business of servicing. Don’t allow your ‘service proposition’ to displace the other two!

Kevin Ahearn,, Real Estate Trainer – Kevin is a Real Estate Trainer and Coach with over 35 years of experience, focused on working with Real Estate Professionals and their Brokers to increase their productivity through prospecting. Kevin and Key Yessaad (@LiveInterActiv) started an intensive Real Estate Training Program in 2012 called i-FAStTRAC, with over 75 hours of course material, of which 60 hours are Live – they are interactive with point to point Live Video Feeds. The Program delves into the fundamentals of building your Real Estate Business, Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Internet Marketing with Advanced SEO Learning. Follow us on Twitter:" target="_blank">#LiveTrainingRE or Google+: #LiveTrainingRE 407-331-5738




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Reply MikeGrumbles
10:41 PM on October 2, 2013 
Kevin, I like the visual that Blue and Green give in relation to time-blocking your weekly schedule. I agree and see this same phenomena strangling agents in the business. A lot of times they spend to much time on the Blue because they don't do these things often enough to have systems in place to get them done quickly. Our team as many other successful teams has created checklists and automated systems to give the customer a 5-Star experience and results, without laboring in time. Oh, and it also helps to have a team so that items can be delegated and GREEN tasks can get done so that the GREEN keeps flowing. Thanks for the blog poston the subject as I also needed the visual just to remember to stay focused. I think that many agents love doing the BLUE and they do so much of it that the work themsleves out of a career as there must be GREEN to have BLUE work to do.
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