Are Red Time Activities Bad?

Posted by Kevin Ahearn on December 2, 2013 at 5:55 PM

Heck no! In fact, ‘Red Time’ Activities (Non-Real Estate Related Activities) are the agent’s ‘reward’ for properly managing ‘Green Time’, ‘Blue Time’ and ‘Yellow Time’ activities.

All non-real estate related use of our time is ‘Red Time’! Food shopping, dropping the kids off at school, exercise/ prayer/meditation, our day(s) off, our vacation, time with the family are all great examples of ‘Red Time.

In i-FAStTRAC® Training, I constantly remind agents that the first entry in their Weekly Planner each Sunday is their ‘Appointment With Themselves and Their Family’…their ‘Day(s) Off’! Color it red!

Keep this thought in mind: “We don’t live to work… we work so we can live better!”

If you fall in love with real estate the way I did over 30 years ago, it is easy to lose your perspective and get out of balance. It’s not healthy and it can get very expensive! Be careful! Make room for ‘Red Time’!

To maintain a healthy balance between your real estate life and your real life follow these two rules of thumb: First, when doing annual planning… plan around your ‘Red Time’… plan at least three (3) vacations per year. Second, when doing weekly planning… make your first entry each week… the appointment with yourself (your ‘Day(s)-Off’;)

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