Week 1 of i-FAStTRAC 201 just ended - it is all about your Presentation Skills

Posted by Key Yessaad on December 7, 2013 at 9:30 AM

The broad themes of Week 1 of the i-FAStTRAC - #livetrainingre - Real Estate Training Program were ‘Listing Presentation Skills’ and ‘The Power of Blogging in Marketing and SEO.’ Kevin and I hold live and interactive training sessions on alternate weeks Mondays through Thursdays from 1 to 4pm Eastern.


In this wrap up video we recorded Dec 5th we discuss the training week that was, then share thoughts on upcoming Sessions on December the 16th:


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Here are the topics we will be covering then:


Session #5 - Carving Your Real Estate Market & Navigation Management and Phase 3 of The Marketing (Listing) Presentation

(Part 1): Carving your Market and Navigation Management (Key)
Real Estate Agents are in the business of offering solutions! One strategic way of doing so with your website is by offering 1-Click Results that are dynamic and stacked logically. How do you go about carving your market? And what are web visitors searching for? Once these pages are created, how do you go about adding them to your navigation in a logical manner?

(Part 2): Presentation Power: Marketing (Listing) Presentation: Phase 3 (Kevin)
Why should I list with you and your company? Why should I pay you so much when the other agent will list the property for less? In this session, Kevin interactively addresses the answers to these seller questions by stressing the importance of clearly demonstrating what the agent intends to do to successfully market the property; by showing the agent 'How To' educate the seller; by outlining how the agent can differentiate themselves from the competition; and by explaining the importance of substantiating the agent's value to the marketing process.


Session #6 - Direct Response Marketing & Internet Seller Integration and Phase 4 of The Marketing (Listing) Presentation

(Part 1): Direct Response Marketing and Internet Seller Integration (Key)
Direct Response Marketing is the most effective way of connecting with potential Real Estate Sellers. What do Sellers want? How do good agents create marketing pieces that not only inform but also stick? What are the Ingredients of a Good Internet Marketing Direct Response Campaign? What are examples of marketing pieces that integrate Direct Response Solutions?

(Part 2): Presentation Power: Marketing (Listing) Presentation: Phase 4 (Kevin)
It has been said that closing is a 'process' not an isolated/disconnected event! When it comes to the Marketing (Listing) Presentation, the 'process' is only complete if, and when, the agent leaves the presentation with the seller's autograph on a 'marketable' listing. In this live/interactive session, Kevin outlines a step-by-step process for getting a 'marketable' listing every time; introduces the importance of conducting an 'Exit Interview'; and introduces the Marketing Presentation Mantras.


Session #7 - Internet Squeeze Pages & QR Code Integration and 'How To' Control The Pricing Strategy (Part 1)

(Part 1): Internet Squeeze Pages & QR Code Integration (Key)
Squeeze pages are Web pages that you use to give visitors something they want, but as an exchange you get a lead or a potential client. Advertising is driven by this simple formula. What are the most effective Squeeze Pages Real Estate Agents can create? Are they easy to create? A How-To Session.

(Part 2): Power Pricing: 'How To' Control  The Pricing Strategy: Part 1 (Kevin)
The hallmark of a 'marketable' listing is list price! Controlling the pricing discussion during the Marketing Presentation, therefore, becomes critical. In this session, Kevin interactively explores the 'factors' that influence pricing; investigates why sellers insist on overpricing the property; identifies the tangible benefits of effective pricing; and explains how and when to introduce the Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).


Session #8 - Blogging Internally For High SEO Visibility and 'How To' Control The Pricing Strategy (Part 2)

(Part 1): Blogging Internally for High SEO Visibility (Key)
Traffic on the Internet is accumulated, and real estate is an educational venture more so than a sales venture. What are the proper real estate Strategic Blogs internally which cause the build-up of the proper Search Keywords? SEO is simply Search Engine visibility for important search terms that match your clients' needs! What proper Blogs, Tags, Keywords, and Content elevate visibility and convert into sales?

(Part 2): Power Pricing: 'How To' Control The Pricing Strategy: Part 2 (Kevin)
In part 2 of Controlling the Pricing Strategy, Kevin interactively discusses eight things agents want to remember when introducing and explaining the CMA; explains 'How To' be convincing enough to get the right price; introduces and explains when and 'How To' use the Dilemma Technique; shares twelve (12) ways to protect your Marketing Fee; and finishes the session with the Pricing Strategy Mantras.


Happy Prospecting!


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