What Does That Yellow Light On A Traffic Signal Stand For?

Posted by Kevin Ahearn on October 25, 2013 at 3:15 PM

The yellow light on a traffic signal stands the same thing that yellow in ‘Yellow Time’ in real estate stands for: BE CAREFUL…PROCEED WITH CAUTION!


‘Yellow Time’ activities in real estate are real estate-related activities that don’t necessarily make us money; or directly support a marketable listing we have or a qualified buyer we are working with or a transaction we are involved in.


Simply put: ‘Yellow Time’ activities are activities which are a part of every real estate agent’s work life! Working on one’s website; updating your database of referral contacts; office meetings; the monthly Association of Realtors’ Monthly Luncheon; even i-FAStTRAC® Training… are all good examples of ‘Yellow Time’ (Real Estate-Related Time) activities.


But…Be CAREFUL! Allowing ‘Yellow Time’ activities to dominate your day, or your week, can be very costly! These types of activities give us a false sense of security because they keep ‘in the game’…but not necessarily on the field of play!


Keep this thought in mind: Real estate is like a river…and the ‘River of Real Estate’ is always moving. Unfortunately, if you are on ‘The River’ but don’t have a clear understanding what daily and weekly activities are the most important, you will be moving along but not necessarily in the right direction! You will be busy but not making the kind of money you deserve to make because you are not controlling your time.


Be vigilant! A good rule of thumb is this: Never Trade-Down: never trade-in ‘Green Time’ (Money Time) or ‘Blue Time’ (Support Time) activities for more ‘Yellow Time’ activities. Always consider, however, Trading-Up… trading in ‘Yellow Time’ activities for more ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ Time activities whenever possible.


Remember: As real estate agents…”We don’t get paid for the work we do…we only get paid for the results we produce.” ‘Yellow Time’ activities don’t produce ‘Results’…they are simply related to the business we are in." target="_blank">Kevin Ahearn,, Real Estate Trainer – Kevin is a Real Estate Trainer and Coach with over 35 years of experience, focused on working with Real Estate Professionals and their Brokers to increase their productivity through prospecting. Kevin and Key Yessaad (@LiveInterActiv) started an intensive Real Estate Training Program in 2012 called i-FAStTRAC, with over 75 hours of course material, of which 60 hours are Live – they are interactive with point to point Live Video Feeds. The Program delves into the fundamentals of building your Real Estate Business, Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Internet Marketing with Advanced SEO Learning. Follow us on" target="_blank">Twitter 407-331-5738


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