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Key Yessaad
Posts: 76

Open a Private Browser Window and Google yourself:
1. Google Your Name;
2. Google Your Name and Profession;
3. Google Your Name and Company;
4. Google Your Name and Your Brand;
And think of this question: ‘Does my Internet presence help or hinder my business?

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Mickee Hernandez
Limited Member
Posts: 8

I have googled myself frequently.
I am the top 7 in all of these searches.
My blog actually shows up frequently as well.

My website unfortunately has not risen above page 18.
Still working on that.

--" target="_blank">Mickee Hernandez, Realtor
Exit Realty, Blaine Associates
Local Specialty: Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia
16000 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307
My Office and I participate in the  i-FAStTRAC Program


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Ava Pitts
Limited Member
Posts: 1

My lack of internet presence is hindering my business.  I need to work on this more.


Ava Pitts, Realtor
Exit Bennett Realty
Local Specialty: Maryland & DC
Direct: 240-444-1788
My office and I participate in the i-FAStTRAC Program.

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Paula Wynn
Limited Member
Posts: 1

My internet presence is non-existing except LinkedIn. I will work to change that.

Paula Wynn
Exit Real Estate Gallery
Direct: 904-502-9432
I participate in the i-FastTRAC Program.

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Cliff Lyons
Limited Member
Posts: 7
I google myself and I found that the first thing is that I am a child rapist secondly when I googled my name and profession I was the first hit on when I googled my name and company I was the first hit on LinkedIn when I googled my brand I found myself on the first page on Twitter and I guess if you like naked ukulele players you probably like me

Land for Sale San Bernardino County -" target="_blank">Cliff Lyons Realtor
Cliff Lyons specializes in land in Victorville, Apple Valley, Helendale and Lucerne Valley.
I have been in Real Estate since 2005 and earned my Brokers License in 2007.  Please feel free to contact me via phone or text at (760) 221-1219

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Floyd Ribeiro
Limited Member
Posts: 4

when I google myself ( FLoyd Ribeiro )

my social media sites pop up ( FB, LINK, TRUL,YELP, G+, REALTOR,)
then my exit sites and my own personal website come up on the first page
Second page 3rd party sites that have my info, a myspace, whitepages,

When I Include EXIT Realty in the Search i get all of my website, exit websites, and 3 rd party sites that have my info.

I Belive that my web presence still needs work.


Floyd Ribeiro,
Realtor/ ABR
EXIT Group One Real Estate
Local Specialty : North Shore Communities, North Andover, and Methuen MA
Direct: 978 851 3600 Ext: 506

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Crystal Ward-Mason
Limited Member
Posts: 1

Just googling my name brings up various links to my NotaryPublic and Realtor profiles and website. Linkedin,  FB, Trulia,, Pennysaver,, twitter, google+. My personal websites come up.

Name + Profession brings up various links to my profiles onTrulia, including a couple of links to my real estate and notary websites. Pretty much some information from just googling my name.

Name + Company brings up links from, linkedin, FB,Realtor badge, Trulia. Of course my personal websites come up also.

I am able to populate the 1- 1 1/2 pages of google but  I could make my web presence stronger.



Crystal Ward-Mason, Realtor
Exit Inland Realty
Specialty area: San Jacinto, Hemet, Murrieta, Temecula, and San Diego CA
Direct # 619-750-6621

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Johnna Wright
Limited Member
Posts: 2

Googled my Name and I am number 1 and number 5.  Frist time I have moved up above the Actress that has my same name! I googled: Johnna Wright Real Estate and I'm the top 10 and one taht is not me at the very bottom. Googled Name and company I was spot 3 and my company was top 2. Googled: Johnna the Wright agent and domonated the full 1st page!  My Google present is Helpful, always room to improve it still! 

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Bill Evans
Limited Member
Posts: 2

First,Jazz pianist,then Canyon Lake realtor,then your realtor for Canyon Lake homes for sale.I know,need a more pro pic. On it.


William Evans Realtor
Exit blue water realty

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Nathan "Mr.Green" Kenison
Limited Member
Posts: 2

I come up at the top of all of these searches, usually through linkedIn.  The biggest hinderence that I might run into is that some of the results refer to my old business.


Nathan Kenison - Real Estate Agent

Exit Group-One Realty

Mr.Green Real Estate

Working in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore of Massachusetts

Phone: 978-578-8323


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Sarika Chopra
Posts: 4

When I searched my first name, a famous Indian actress by the name Sarika came up. When I typed my first and last name, I was shocked and pleased to see my picture pop up in images and also in linked in. I said socked because I am not active on most social media sites such as facebook, twitter…..and pleased because I was not expecting my picture there at all.

And of course internet presence is a big help!


Sarika Chopra-Realtor
Exit Professional Real Estate
Local Specialty: Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania & Stafford
Direct: (540) 419-6622.



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Ryan Boyce
Posts: 3

1.There is a BYU athlete number one, Linkedin is 3 and I am featured on that linked in search. I guess there is a Ryan Boyce that was on Big Brother teen version. Second Page my Exit Realty link is featured

2.It is myself and another realtor in L.A

3.This one had a lot of my content

4.Half and Half with the Ryan In L.A

Overall looks good and definitely helps but I need to do better tagging and branding so it stands out more.



Ryan Boyce-REALTOR®,
Exit Realty Professionals
Local Specialty: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk
Direct: 757-550-4005
Find your next home @





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