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Key Yessaad
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Please share your experiences with promoting, hosting, and following up on Open Houses.

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Keneshia Haye
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Well Key I'm fairly fairly new...(1 month) however, I have a open house on Thursday, April 11, 2013. I've gone out and passed out flyers to the surrounding area yesterday and I will be going out this morning and this afternoon as well. I've also sent out e-mails to over 300 local Realtors. The sellers and Mortgage Loan Originator are giving (2) $25 gift cards and I will bring the refreshments. After the open house I will update you on how everything went. 

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Jaleh Mahoorgilani
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My open houses are usually done by letting everyone around the target area know about this event.  I post signs and drop flyers couple of day before.  It has worked for me so far.  I learned this from years of owning and operating my small Italian deli restaurant.

I always make the potential sellers and buyers feel comfortable and always pays off if there is a local loan officer staying through out the open house period to answer questions about Financing and Loans.


Jaleh Mahoorgilani

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