Quotes In addition to my New Agents? Orientation through Exit Real Estate Gallery, I have had the privilege of attending a 72-hour Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. course entitled, ?iFAStTRAC? which is endorsed and recommended by my brokers.This course requires a lot of discipline of time, study, and implementation, but it was worth every moment. For a new agent, experienced agent, or top producer, everyone benefits from the 24 training sessions held over a 3 month period. Every aspect of growing your real estate business is covered in detail by knowledable trainers/experts. We have some awesome instructors, Keith Ahearn and Key Yessaad. They have different delivery methods but equally effective. I am happy that I took the iFAStTRAC training at the beginning of my real estate career. I have the confidence and skills needed to implement the different aspects of the real estate business. Carolyn Strickland Quotes
Very Satisfied New Real Estate Agent

Quotes I have completed the 24 Sessions of iFAStTRAC 101 and 201. I felt confident to implement my first Open House on December 3rd. The materials presented enabled me to host the event with ease. I especially appreciated the scripts and checklists. I canvassed the homes near the open house also with ease. I am a new agent, and I now feel prepared to implement all I have learned through the iFAStTRAC program. Many thanks to Kevin, Key, Emma, and Kasey.. Quotes
Equipped To Go Forth"

Quotes As an agent in my 5th year, just switching over from a well established agency to EXIT was a huge leap of faith. The 101 training alone has showed me very quickly all the things I haven't been doing. I must have been waiting for leads to fall out of the sky? It is so true that no one is going to share the knowledge that took them years to perfect. I paid into the Brian Buffini network, but now feel that Kevin gave me all that and more in a very short amount of time. I can completely relate to Kevin (being from CT originally.) I both appreciate, and needed to hear things the way only he delivers...blunt! And Key...I think you are absolutely brilliant (and entertaining) and have explained things about web presence that even I can understand. I do think I need to go over your training a bit more on my own to truly put it all into action. You guys have really changed my way of thinking. Quotes

Quotes How to Close out your Business Week & Succeed at Converting Leads is a great workshop for those of us that have no organizational skills. Key taught some simple, easy to follow to do list to keep us on track. I love the idea of "closing the week" to "create the future" I am definitely using this great organizational skills to get back on track & get rid of emails that are of no use to me now or in the future. Thank you Key, awesome video, enjoyed it & will put it to great use. Quotes

Quotes After 3 decades as a teacher I know what it takes to communicate to students. These guys have what it takes , practical experience and real-life examples. This is GOLD People GOLD ! Quotes
Elvis Cherry Exit Realty Diversified Nashville

Quotes Its full of very valuable information, coming from professionals who have years of experience. Its like pure gold!! Quotes
Dora Silvia Pena
Exit Alliance Realty Temecula, Ca.

Quotes Hi Key and Kevin. I am a Technie Dinosaur but determined to improve my business. I tried iTrac last year but dropped out. Today I tweeted for the first time after downloading an app to my cell phone. I added my website to the tweet as well. I also revised the long version of my Bio and plan to sync it as Key instructed. I now have two email addresses - one for business and one for social media. I'm growing more comfortable with each assignment. I'm here in Greenbelt, Md with Bertran Reed and Exit Bennett Realty. We meet once a week to discuss classes, assign-ments and to implement at least one element from each class. For the record, I have implemented several firsts - I tweeted today linking my website to it, I set up a business email account and posted my Open House on craigslist. We are excited about your classes and assignments. We don't talk much but we are gaining much here. Thank you both. Pat Lancaster, Realtor Exit Bennett Realty Greenbelt, Md 20770 Quotes

Quotes RE: Broker Recruiting Coaching Program: I had a recruit meeting immediately after your session. Throughout the meeting you were on my shoulder, I listened and you were right. Afer listening to what HE wanted I was able to pin point and give him the info based on what he told me not just what I am excited about. He is signing next week. Quotes
Paula Wynn
Exit Real Estate Gallery

Quotes Key Yessaad = Amazing Guy! I absolutely love the way he teaches!!!! As a new agent and personally not a big fan of web technology and marketing strategies, I initially thought it was going to be a typical, boring training but Key made it interesting, easy and fun to learn. ?Heads off to you.? His knowledge in the field is impressive, his style of teaching is intoxicating and his passion and dedication for teaching is inspiring. I never imagined how interesting a web marketing strategy class could be and never realized how important and essential it actually is for our business. If you are in the real estate business, you do not want to miss Key?s training! Anyone who?s afraid of web marketing, web technology, blogging?? ?Key is the key to the problem.? Lol. Key, You Rock!! Sarika Chopra - Realtor Exit Professional Real Estate Quotes

Quotes After a few months in the industry, I have taken the IFasTrac 101 training that Kevin and Key ingrained in me and I am still applying the techniques to this day. I have 7 listings, 2 are sold, and I recently created more landing pages for my website am looking forward to the 201 training. Thanks guys, it is really working! Quotes
IFasTrac continues to make me a better agent
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