Quotes Hey guys, just wanted to validate that if an agent applies the techniques you train the results will follow I spent the last 60 days applying the techniques and landed 16 listings. Then I sent out 187 just sold post cards on Monday ...yesterday I received 3 calls to list in that neighborhood. that makes 19 in new listings in 67 days. The demographics of my area are less than 100k residents and 535 realtors. This is like shooting fish in a barrel Thanks Quotes
67 days and 19 listings

Quotes I was in the business of real estate long before I was in the real estate business and I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University. With all this experience I still learn from being around Key and Kevin. I have trained with them both in person and on the iFasttrac platform. The content is where the rubber hits the road, meaning you can apply it directly to your business to grow your career. I can definitely show direct cases where the training has launched my career in the Franklin as a top agent now ranking in the top 3% of all Middle TN agents. Key has helped me put my website on page 1 which I can attest to direct commission dollars. Kevin and Emma with their determination to create an amazing system that allows agents across the continent to participate and allows interactive be engagement between the students and trainers has allowed me to grow my business and to grow my recruiting efforts within EXIT Realty. Thanks, Mike Grumbles EXIT Realty of the Souh Quotes
Relocation Engineer, Engineering Your NEXT Move!, REALTOR

Quotes I am gaining confidence in myself more and more each lesson learned. What your taught in RE school has nothing to do with the street smarts of this job. I've had a couple set backs in both the physical and business side sense I've gotten my hard earned license. BUT if I knew this training came with EXIT I sure would have been on board a long time ago. I've been in the office almost 2 months. It's a true family feeling. I know I'll hit the streets better prepared with the new mind set I've got. Thanks Kimmie Davis EXIT Clovis Realty- Clovis, NM Quotes
Associate Broker

Quotes Kevin and Key go over every aspect of the business that I must know in detail. Then, show me how to apply them to my own business. Their instructions are very easy to understand and thorough. With other real estate training programs I participated, often times, it was hard to apply what I learn during the program to my own business, because it was either too hard or not realistic. But not with i-fasttrac, every single thing that's covered are very practical and easy to apply. Not to mention, most up to date. Every realtor, new or seasoned, should take this training sessions! Quotes
Kim Stone
Exit Success GA

Quotes I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you some positive feedback. It always helps to know what is working and what isn't. I am so grateful to you for doing the Career Nights every month. You already know that I am pretty faithful having at least someone almost every month to participate. Well, that persistence is finally starting to pay off. So, what I'm trying to say with this story is that what you are doing is working, at least for me. I couldn't make that training presentation as well as you do it. I am pretty successful capturing the new students out of their licensing school because of you telling them about the great training that you provide once they are licensed. Keep up the great work. I love it! Thank you so much. I'm a HUGE fan! Quotes
Alice Switzer
EXIT Realty Southwest Spirit

Quotes You give so much information and one can constantly grow and become better from what you do. Always open for questions and not afraid to hold back anything. In your teaching I must say you add humor to the training's as well. It helps me to understand what it takes to make it in the world of Real Estate.The training is helping me with concerning clients in terms of what questions to ask to make sure there are no misunderstandings between agent,client's and third parties that may be involved. You guy's are great and I would like to say thank you for caring enough to make a difference in our lives. Quotes
Katina Guss
Agent Exit Realty Central -Norfolk, VA

Quotes You have renewed my confidence in myself in the Real Estate World. I just finished my fifth session with Kevin and Key - There is so much to comprehend in this course and you must do all the homework every day or else it will consume you. Hang in there everybody - I have taken many courses over the many years that I have been in Real Estate and I would give Kevin and Key a l0+ as instructors. Kevin said today that you cannot sell real estate like you did in the late 80s' and early 90s'. He is absolutely right ! Great teachers - both Kevin and Key - you both ROCK!!!! Quotes
Margaret Rutkowski
Exit lst Class Realty - Melbourne, FL

Quotes After each training session I always think that it makes perfect sense what you are sharing with us. The experience and knowledge you both have is so resourceful. These trainings have really changed my opinion on realtors as professional people. I have realized that I do need to value my time and position and not be walked on or make myself available whenever people think I should be. Quotes
Christy Grady
Exit Southwest Spirit -Sierra Vista, AZ

Quotes I am new to the business, but can already see that many agents who have been practicing for quite some time are missing opportunities. I have the tools to be much more effective in a shorter period of time. I love that the training covers all aspects of the business of real estate! I did not expect to get so much training on internet presence or marketing. I will most definitely take the series again so that I can maximize the opportunity to understand and implement each suggestion. Thanks!!! Quotes
Abbie F. Platt
Exit Talbot & Co -Ashburn, VA

Quotes I think all agents should do this training. The information given is task oriented which is great. I was very overwhelmed with getting started and I now have created a weekly, monthly, quarterly task schedule. Quotes
Kimberly Wiebe
Exit Success - Warner Robins, GA
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