Quotes I have been learning so much from Key and Kevin. After being in the "behind the scenes" activities of the mortgage industry, I have decided to branch out and become a Realtor. With no sales background and having only myself to depend on for my own workload and my own schedule, it's been a very scary transition. However, with the tools I am learning in this training, I am not only learning how to be a better agent, but this is also building my confidence to be myself and hit the streets running!! Quotes
Realtor, EXIT Elite Realty

Quotes Thank you Kevin & Key for the superior training in marketing, technology & most common sense knowledge on "How To" of our profession & technology. I have been out 2 years & you have both given me all the information I am in desperate need to get back on track. I look forward to implementing most all technolgy given. I will definitely get back to you both on how I improve my marketing. GREAT Teachings! Thank you! Quotes
Delores Castillo

Quotes Key, I just watched your video entitled "Do It Yourself Lighting Contraption". What an excellent idea!!! I love this because it is affordable & portable. EXIT Realty Central VA Quotes
Great idea for lighting & photography!

Quotes After being in the business for a few years with another broker. I switched to Exit Realty Blaine Associates here in Apple Valley. Once i started attending these training sessions, I found that there were so many things i was not doing. Now, i plan to implement everything i learn to become a Top Producer in my area. Thanks to Kevin and Key. Quotes
Invaluable Training

Quotes I would recommend this training to anyone who is just getting started to someone who has been in the business for a long time. The information covers getting started as a Realtor to Google Spiders and how they work with your web site an blogging. Key and Kevin are great Instructors/coaches. I recommended a web site for Key to give me great information on the site since I've only been in the business for three months. He took the time to get all the information of the site to see if it covered everything he has been teaching. They both work together great. Kevin covers the traditional and Key covers the technology/internet of Real Estate. I really like the idea of marketing versus listing. I just changed careers after 30 years from a wildland firefight/personnel officer. They answered my questions and I have in two notebooks all the how to do real estate questions I had. Plus I can go review the material online. Quotes
Randy Kinman

Quotes This is the most thorough and comprehensive training I have ever been through. I expect to become a superstar because of this. If you want to take your business to the next level this is the training you need if your business seems to be leveling off. Quotes
This training rocks

Quotes It was so nice meeting you today in Salem at the Exit "Target Sucess 2014". I thought I was excited after the IFastTrack 101 training, but after hearing you speak today I'm feeling really prepared to put all the ingredients together and "make the cake". Quotes

Quotes Wow! I never thought that I could learn so much in so little time. Key and Kevin are absolutely the best i have seen in forever. I spent 13 yrs in the Army, and NEVER had training this intense and full of information. Quotes
Invaluable Training

Quotes Hi! As a former teacher with more than 20 years of experience in the academe, I am very critical when it comes to attending trainings because more often than not they're too technical and boring. But after attending your trainings, I must say that I am very impressed with the way you handled the sessions! Very informative, not boring at all (at least to me) despite of its being very detailed and I commend you for being open to suggestions from the attendees. Good job! I can't wait to learn more! Quotes
Realtor, Exit Homevets Realty

Quotes Real estate has so many levels. Each time I go through a class or training I understand more and become more confident with the information. There is so much to learn I have to learn in layers. Because you are consistently providing an opportunity to hear it again...I grow with understanding and confidence which translates to action! Thank you so much for doing what you do and how you do! Quotes
Exit Realty Central
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