Negotiation Power Part 2-Kevin Session 12 of iF201

iF201 Kevin Backup Video: Experienced agents can count on one hand the number of times offers they have initiated on behalf of a client have been accepted as written! Typically, offers need to be negotiated! Our ability to be an effective negotiator, however, doesn't stop there. We need to negotiate to get the appointment, to get the seller to sign the Listing Agreement, to get the buyer to make an offer etc. In this session, Kevin counsels agents on 'How To' prepare for negotiations; identifies and demonstrates multiple 'high-risk' and 'low-risk' negotiation tactics; shares problem-solving phrases that help bring negotiations to a successful conclusion; and introduces the Negotiation Mantras.- Recorded 2014-01-13

Posted by Kevin Ahearn on January 13, 2014 at 2:27 PM 469 Views