Announcing An All-New
ecruiting Coaching Program

The Real Estate Training Institute introduces the first of its kind Recruiting Coaching Program for i-FAStTRAC subscribing Brokers and Managers.

The three primary objectives of this 6 Session, 1-hour per session program are: (1) to help subscribing Brokers and Managers create an office environment and mindset conducive to recruiting; (2) to help Brokers and Managers maximize the productivity of agents through agent-development; and (3) to guide Brokers and Managers on what needs to be done to ensure the retention of those agents.

Successful Agent Recruiting, Development and Retention Program

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Listed below is the Recruiting Coaching Program Syllabus  of the 6 Sessions:


Session #1: In this session, Kevin introduces the Components of a Successful Agent Recruiting, Development and Retention Program and provides a comprehensive Components Checklist (available for download) so participants can perform an objective 'Self-Assessment' of their company’s 'recruiting posture'. In addition, Kevin shows participants ‘how to’ create an effective Weekly Agent Recruiting, Development and Retention Plan using an Activities Checklist which is available for download from our website. He also introduces participants to the Recruiting Weekly Planner and Recruiting Weekly Activity Report and explains ‘why’ and ‘how’ to use them.


Session #2: Kevin shows participants ‘How to’ Promote, Host and Follow-up Career Seminars as a way to methodically building their agent-base. Included with this session are access to a ‘how to’ video; a multi-page Handout; sample ads; phone scripts etc. Kevin also introduces participants to the Contents of a well-designed Career Seminar Package.


Session #3: Kevin follows with a discussion of the importance of ‘Pre-screening’ Recruiting Candidates and provides a list of ‘Pre-screening’ Questions. Kevin then gives an ‘Overview’ of a Successful Recruiting Interview and introduces participants to the Four (4) Phases of the Recruiting Interview and the Objectives of each. Kevin provides additional assistance by giving participants access to a ‘how to’ video dealing with the Recruiting Interview.


Session #4: Kevin introduces the New Agent Questionnaire and the Experienced Agent Questionnaire; discusses in what phase of the Recruiting Interview to ask the questions; demonstrates ‘how to’ go about asking the questions; and gives participants tips on ‘how to’ get more out of each question they ask. Kevin lends further support by giving participants access to a ‘how to’ video dealing with the questionnaires.


Session #5: Kevin addresses ‘How to’ Identify and Create ‘Uniques’ About Your Company; ‘how and when’ to introduce them; stresses the importance of selling the ‘Benefit’ of Each ‘Unique’ and ‘how to’ do it. Kevin also emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining an up-to-date database on local competitors.


Session #6: Kevin introduces the Most Common Recruiting Objections and ‘how to’ handle them. He introduces a highly effective Seven (7) Step Technique for Handling Objections; emphasizes the importance of using visuals ; explains which visuals to use …while at the same time encouraging participants to collect/create additional visuals.


Testimonials from i-FAStTRAC Participants:

  • "Key does an excellent job of making learning fun and simple. I like his style and his attention to detail. This class is a must for the aspiring agent. Thank you. "
    Excellent training
  • "The content of the course and the love and passion of the two instructors is second to none! Thank you for your diligence, commitment and love to impart knowledge and see us s..."
    Kayode "Kay" Ojewale
    Exit Bennett Realty, Greenbelt, MD
  • "Thank you Kevin & Key for the superior training in marketing, technology & most common sense knowledge on "How To" of our profession & technology. I have been out 2 years & you ..."
    Delores Castillo

Newest How-To Videos:

Before filling out the Participation Request form below - please read the course requirements:

1. Broker or Manager must be of the mindset that Recruiting, Developing  and Retaining  Agents is a priority for their office;

2. Brokerage must be a current subscriber to the i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training & Coaching  Program;

3. Broker and/or Manager must commit to attending all the sessions of the i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training Program and participate fully in the Quizzes and Assignments;

4. Broker and/or Manager must become a full member of the

5. Agents are NOT allowed in this Recruiting Coaching Program. This program was designed for Brokers and Managers only! Administrators are welcome but will not be considered ' surrogates' for the Broker or Manager not in attendance;

6. Dates and Time : Thursdays (Jan 23rd, Feb 6th, Feb 20th, Mar 6th, Mar 20th, and Apr 3rd.) Time:11:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. (eastern)

7. Cost: $200/month Reverse Incentive. Reverse Incentive simply means that if the Broker and/or Manager (not  the Administrator) attends each session and completes one easy track-able assignment pertaining to that session we will refund $100 per session  attended to off-set the cost of the program.  In essence this program is Free to you if you commit yourself to the minimum attendance and  by taking action on your vision. We are not interested in coaching observers – we wish to work with Brokers and Mangers who are doers. Your commitment is only 3 months or 6 successive sessions.

8. System GoToMeeting (Webinar or Call). We will be using the GoToMeeting Platform because some of you may not be able to be in front of a computer in your office at the designated time.  Using GoToMeeting gives you the opportunity to at least be in attendance over the phone.  We Strongly suggest, however,  that you attend with a Webinar device like a laptop or tablet this way you can follow the slides and visuals that we will give you.

If you are interested in participating in the Recruiting Coaching Program - download this PDF, print it, fill it out and email it back to our staff at [email protected] or fax it to (407) 339-3738 - Thank you!
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